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The Associação Atlântica de Apoio aos Doentes de Machado Joseph (AAADMJ) has a new website with a modern design, new content and new functions.

The new website has been designed to meet the specific needs of people with Machado-Joseph Disease, their families, carers and the general public. With this new resource, we highlight not only the current services offered by the institution and the social responses available, but also provide an informative and supportive platform on the current state of this pathology.

With a simple click, users now have the possibility to speed up their registration for Transport for People with Disabilities (TPD), register as a member, or contact the Technical Team directly via a button that connects us via the WhatsApp social network.

In addition, the AAADMJ is reinforcing the importance of combining inclusion with digitization by offering a series of personalized adaptations on the page. Users now have the ability to adjust the page settings according to their individual needs by clicking on the accessibility button.

This launch reflects AAADMJ's commitment to promoting accessibility and providing comprehensive support to the Machado-Joseph Disease community, facilitating access to information and our services, while strengthening and guaranteeing greater openness to society as a whole.

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