AAADMJ – Associação Atlântica de Apoio aos Doentes de Machado-Joseph

Support Line

AAADMJ in Proximity

The ‘AAADMJ in Proximity’ project is aimed at all Machado-Joseph patients, their families and carers living in the Azores archipelago. Its primary mission is to standardise the pursuit of the objective of the AAADMJ's Centre for Care, Accompaniment and Social Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities and Incapacities (CAARPD) at regional level, i.e. to develop a social support network aimed at improving the quality of life of patients and carers, allowing greater equity in access to AAADMJ services, thus reducing the effects of the archipelagic situation.

AAADMJ in Proximity has the following main objectives:

Leaflets and flyers

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